Friday, May 16, 2014

Ulises Is Ready To Launch His EP Six to The Multiverse

 Ulises has come out with a versatile banger EP titled "6" ready to be released on May, 22nd. He ranges from genres such as pop, dance, and hip-hop and does them all extremely well. The production quality is excellent and is definitely something that can be compared with what you would hear on the radio. His vocals are catchy and have this vibrant feel to them. You can tell that he put a lot of time and soul crafting each and every song.

The song "Love Frontier" is one of my favorites on the EP. The vocal patterns are stellar with magical melodies. The back track has a very dance groove sound to it. I can definitely see people hitting it off at the club to this track. The instrumental is up tempo and has its "drops" where everything seems to reach this new realm of calamity then picks right back up from where it started. It's like taking a ride on a rocket ship and just blasting off. It's truly that perfect summer track for a night drive. The chorus is phenomenal, and I love the synth to support the vocals. The bass also "bumps." Sometimes you get those dance tracks where the bass doesn't pound, or it pounds to much, but this is perfect. The synth gives the song an abstract sound with spacey aspects.

The song "Sodalicious"  Is very creative and interesting. The beat is up tempo and contains heavy bass. His verses are very experimental and different. He changes his voice with ease, and adds a chorus that is very distinct with unique lyrics. The beat has a lot of different sounds going on and gives the song depth. I like how Ulises takes a risk by changing up the pace through the EP. We heard mainly pop/dance songs and now he manages to fit a hip-hop/rap  song in all while making it work not just well, but extremely well. I think this track really shows off his talents and shows what he can do. He's very multi-talented and not afraid to show that by leaving his comfort zone.

The song "Sugar Cane" is another one of Ulises better tracks. His vocals are phenomenal, I can hear a resemblance of "Usher" here through the R&B style. His voice fits the song structure well with the melody and layering of his vocals. The instrumental has a very spacey synth backing track that makes you get lost in the sound. I can see this song being played in raves, though it's not as dance friendly it's still a great track to just chill out to. The production is phenomenal and you can hear the emotion through his voice. This style really fits him and his voice. His vocal range is also limitless hitting high notes, and staying in key.

When hearing 6 you better be ready to put your dancing shoes on because Ulises brings it! The EP is very versatile covering several genres which keeps it entertaining. You also wont be hearing any filler tracks through this EP.  Ulises fills 22 minutes of celestial awesomeness! Get aboard for take off because this one will lift you off your feet!

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