Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sprightly Moans Captivate The Minds of Classic Rock Listeners

Sprightly Moans released their 3rd EP titled Demo's III on January 30th 2014. The band has a old classic rock style with a Jim Morison like vocal approach. The EP begins with the song "Blushes All Around" The song has crunchy guitars with distinct vocals. The production gives it that classic feel. It's not overdone like a lot of bands are done these days. I also enjoy the southern style riffs.  The drums are also not your regular style of drum patterns. This guy likes to hit the crash symbol! Which I like a lot, and did I mention very lively distinct drum fills. The song structure is done well with great riffs and patterns. Everything within it seems to be placed well. The vocalist also doesn't rely on reverb to acquire his sound.
The second track on the EP "I wanna be Afraid"  begins with distinct drum fills and raging riffs that stop on a dime, to make the drum fills more profound to our ears. With the vocalist singing in key "I wanna be afraid" gets his point across in an very interesting way. I especially like the lyric "I HOPE ALL OUR PLANS WILL FALL APART" Makes him feel like he wants to feel hurt, or the emotional backlash from the situation. The guitar riffs are simplistic, but it fits the song and makes the drums that much more prolific. the lyric "Tomorrow we will hang our mouths on a nail" shows us pain, from doing wrong. Then the chorus "I wanna be afraid" tells us that he is unsure. which I like a lot because a lot of times we are unsure how we want things to end up. His voice has a very distinct sound and I think this makes him that much better. He sings in key and the singers melody is excellent especially with how the vocals are layered together.  

The third track on the EP "Love is Nothing Without Eternity" starts off very slow and relaxing. It has a hint of jazz, country, and just old school rock to it. The guitar is very mellow underneath the vocals which give the vocals a stronger sound. "Love is nothing without eternity, so you are coming with me." this lyric rings through my head when I hear this. It's like he's afraid of what his partner may do, and to be safe he wants his significant other's comfort and compassion even in death. The lyric "ease our throbbing minds." shows pain, from life and is based on the thought that death will ease pain. I think we can all relate to that at some point in our life's. Though the lyrics are dark the guitar melody is like a lullaby before going to sleep, or in this case death.

The three track EP is very enjoyable and will be a good home for any fan of classic rock. Often in today's music it's hard to find artists that go straight to their roots without mimicking them entirely. Sprightly Moans brings a fresh spun sound that will have their listeners captivated. I think these guys have a bright future and I look forward to their full album release. 


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