Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Learn math with Lifestyle Learning Music

Lifestyle Learning Music is very unique because they are putting knowledge in their lyrics to help kids and adults learn.  The idea is to make learning fun. You ever listen to a song and memorize lyrics after awhile? It's the same thing here except the lyrics are informative and useful in real life situations.  The album  Lifestyle Learning Music - Vol #2 - Geometry focuses on mathematics to help people who struggle with learn from a book. This way the kids can learn through entertainment.  Lifestyle Learning Music also uses various different genre's to fit kids interests. 

The song geometry pop 1 has amazing beats and production quality. The sound is absolutely astonishing. The vocals are also nice and very well done. Lyrical content focuses on lines, shapes and equations. They utilize vocabulary words throughout the song to help get the definitions "stuck" in their head to remember the words better. 

Geometry Reggae #2 focuses on why geometry is important to learn and gives positive reinforcement. I also like how they use games like Pool to show that they are using geometry to make their shots because of the angles they shoot at.  They again use real life jobs that use geometry to make their point that geometry is used daily (depending on the job of course).  they focus on area, and formula's like lengths times width to help reinforce the ideas in our brain. 

The idea is very refreshing and a good idea, with mainstream music being consumed with money and just garbage information this presents a little hope for the youth and humanity. Since math is a struggling subject for many this album is an excellent concept. The production quality is great and stands out. The vocals are smooth and have a smoothing effect to them. Beats are all down tempo and relaxing. The beats are also unique, but I don't need to tell you that just take a listen!


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